Selected Poems

“Why is Grief Always” / Iron Horse Literary Review

"The Moose" and "To Be Made of Hunger" / Clackamas Literary Review

“Bleeding Mycena (M. haematopus)” / Passengers Journal

“Everything Was Ugly and Nothing Healed,” “Falling Water, But Not a House,” “Half Full is Still Too Much,” and “The Thing,” / Sierra Nevada Review

"To the Owner of the Gray Volkswagen" / Coastal Shelf

“Landscape with Mother and Police” / Chestnut Review

“Tinnitus as a Form of Pareidolia” / CAROUSEL

“Left” / The Boiler

“When a kid falls in the mosh pit, you pick them up” / Tinderbox Poetry Journal

“My Mania as an Alaskan Summer” / Breakwater Review

“Fireflies” and "Pareidolia" / Jabberwock Review

“Pareidolia as a Form of Contact (LGM-1)” / Cincinnati Review

“When I Say I Miss the Drugs” / CutBank

“Milky Way" and "Pareidolia as a Form of Epistemological Pragmatism” / Grist

“Aphelion” / The Colorado Review

“A Bed Too Much A Barren" and "An Incomprehensive List of Things We Are” / F(r)iction

“Schizophrenia as a Form of Asterism” / The Pinch

“Becoming a Lepidopterist” / Concīs

“The Collective Nouns of Inanimate Objects” / Mid-American Review

"Bipolar II" / In Between Spaces: An Anthology of Disabled Writers


"Traplines" / Dunes Review

Book Reviews

“A Review of Thirty Australian Poets” / Antipodes

"Review of Special Powers and Abilities by Raymond McDaniel” / Pleiades